The following forms are available for downloading. You may also contact your local Tribunal registry to request a copy of a form to be sent to you.

Application Form (Form 1)

This form can be used to lodge an application to the Administrative Appeals Tribunal or to the Small Taxation Claims Tribunal.

Lodge Application Forms in person, by post, email or by fax with the appropriate application fee. If you are not sure about the fee, please contact your local AAT registry.

Version: Form 1 - 11/10, Guide - 7/14

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Application by an Individual for Fee Reduction Form

More information is available from the Information about application fees page.

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Application for an Extension of Time for Lodging Application for Review of Decision (Form 2)

(PDF, 11 KB) (RTF, 208 KB)

Notice of Opposing Application for Extension of Time for Lodging Application for Review of Decision (Form 3)

(PDF, 32 KB) (RTF, 199 KB)

Application to be Made a Party to a Proceeding (Form 5)

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Request for Order to Shorten Time for Lodging Copies of Documents (Form 5A)

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Request for Stay Order (Form 6)

(PDF, 11 KB) (RTF, 197 KB)

Request for Order to Vary or Revoke Stay Order (Form 6A)

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Summons to Give Evidence (Form 7)

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Summons to Give Evidence and Produce Documents (Form 8)

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Summons to Produce Documents (Form 9)

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Hearing Certificate

Version: September 2013

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Hearing Confirmation Schedule

(PDF, 26 KB) (RTF, 1.1 MB)

Notice of Withdrawal

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Conciliation Check List

The Tribunal sends this check list to the applicant's representative when a Conciliation Conference is listed in the compensation jurisdiction. The applicant's representative is asked to complete the check list and bring it to the Conciliation Conference to facilitate a full discussion of all relevant matters.

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Request by Non-Party for Access To Tribunal Documents Form

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Transcription Order Form

Information on how to order a transcript is available from the Requesting a transcript page.